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South Lake Primary School

Safeguarding Curriculum

We foster a culture of safeguarding throughout our education setting, emphasising the importance of the responsibility we all share in maintaining a safe environment for everyone. Through comprehensive training and a dedicated commitment to vigilance, we ensure that all staff members are equipped to identify and respond to any safeguarding concerns. 

In our school, we strongly believe in providing our pupils with opportunities to explore British values, personal rights, responsibilities, and equal opportunities promoted in our Oracy assemblies and revisited in our PSHE lessons. We also deliver the NSPCC assemblies, ‘Speak out, stay safe’ and are fortunate to receive support from trained NSPCC volunteers with our Year 2, 5 and 6 pupils. Our aim is to develop their understanding of these concepts and foster a sensitive approach towards the diverse society we live in.

Time is taken during each school term to reaffirm school values and expectations and our approach ensures that our pupils develop a strong moral compass, positively impacting their understanding of safeguarding matters.

We believe that by fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding, we create a safe space for everyone to thrive. Through our inclusive approach, we aim to ensure that every individual feels valued and supported within our school community where pupils are encouraged to express their views, seek help when needed, and lend a helping hand to others.