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South Lake Primary School

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been written by us. It is based on the statutory National Curriculum, but designed for South Lake children, with their interests and needs at its heart.

New - subject specific pages (menu on the left) - content is being added and will be available by January 2021

Our curriculum provides our children with:
Aspiration, and the resilience to achieve.
A rich bank of knowledge and a thirst for knowing more.
An extensive vocabulary and the ability to understand complex texts.
The ability to articulate their thoughts, make themselves understood and have a voice.
An understanding of world issues and their responsibilities for the future.
A respect for law and our responsibilities as a society.
Tolerance of and respect for those who differ from them.

We strongly believe that children learn through investigating and making links to other areas of their learning. At South Lake, the children take part in a range of workshops, creative learning and trips which enhance their knowledge and understanding and bring their learning to life!

We use Letters and Sounds when we teach phonics. We use books matched to the phonics stage the children are working on.

For reading, we use a large number of scheme books, including The Oxford Reading Tree and we use a colour-coding system so that we can have a range of non-scheme books available too.

For handwriting, we start to teach a cursive style when the children have learned to form their letters.

For religious education, we follow the Pan-Berkshire RE Agreed Syllabus; the RE policy and the syllabus are available below.