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South Lake Primary School


At South Lake everyone’s voice is valued and children are given the tools to articulate their thoughts confidently and respectfully across the curriculum, preparing them for life in modern Britain. We are proud to be part of the Voice 21 project, embedding oracy skills across the whole school.

We do this by:

Setting high expectations for talk in every classroom.

Having a sustained & wide-ranging curriculum for oracy.

Building a culture of oracy. 

Appraising progress in oracy.

In class, you will see:

A shared language for talk in classrooms. Subject-specific vocabulary being taught. Planned sequences of learning building on oracy skills. Engaged children and less teacher talk.

In school, you will see:

Oracy assemblies

Conversation corner

Oracy-based outcomes such as showcases at the end of units of teaching, which are shared with a wider audience. 

In addition, we have a progression document, which shows the skills and knowledge your child will be taught in Oracy. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to see this.

One of our Oracy assemblies:


Orchard Learning Alliance