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South Lake Primary School

E-safety Curriculum

Our online safety curriculum 

Teaching our children to become responsible digital citizens is an important part of our IT curriculum. Our work on online safety is not only covered in our computing lessons but also throughout PSHE, assembly themes and regular class discussions. 

We have used the Education for a Connected World – 2020 edition document to develop our curriculum. This framework describes the knowledge, understanding and skills that children and young people should have the opportunity to develop at different ages and stages. It highlights what a child should know in terms of current online technology, its influence on behaviour and development, how to get support, and what skills they need to be able to navigate it safely.

E-Safety rules for pupils

As part of becoming become responsible digital citizens, our children will learn how to stay safe online. They are introduced to our e-safety rules and expected to follow them when using the Internet at school.

EYFS and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

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