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South Lake Primary School


We believe that Art promotes physical and psychological well-being. It enables children to express themselves and to appreciate works made by others. Art nurtures creativity and it engages children in a process that develops self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation.  To do this, children need to be taught specific Art skills, in a sequential way, giving them the confidence and the tools to explore their own ideas.

To build an art curriculum where children can develop both their subject knowledge and progression of skills, our art lessons are underpinned by three main areas. In these the pupils are taught to:

 • Develop ideas – understanding how ideas develop through an artistic process

• Master techniques – developing procedural knowledge so that ideas may be communicated

• Take inspiration from the greats – learning from both the artistic process and techniques of great artists and artisans throughout history.


Across the discipline of art and design, pupils use a variety of media and materials, sometimes in combination, to create a piece of artwork. Some commonly used examples of these in which pupils develop their procedural knowledge are:

• drawing

• painting

• collage

• sculpture

• print

• textiles

• digital media


Below you can read about the progression of learning in Art.

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