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South Lake Primary School

Carrots on the Run!

The Mystery of Masterchef

Breaking news... Alani and Moumita report that disaster struck when Mr Barnard's plan to make carrot and potato soup was hampered by a bag of missing carrots! They have uncovered the secret that the carrots were missing, no one knows the full story, it is a complete mystery. The lecturer, Mr Barnard, was forced to go and buy more carrots before the course began.

When interviewed, Liliana said that she was enjoying the course and the lecturers were very friendly. Nathan, who was jumping in his chair with excitement said it was, "the best cooking class ever!".

Mr Barnard told us that he enjoys cooking, but didn't get much chance to do it when he was younger.

Evidence suggests that Mrs Waite is the carrot culprit, but no one really knows...