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South Lake Primary School

Menu update for Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th February

We have received another update this afternoon from Caterlink regarding Monday and Tuesday's menu next week. 

Due to continued staffing issues, for which they are sorry, they will continue to offer jacket potatoes with cheese, beans or Tuna on both days and apple and raisin flapjack on Monday and Vanilla Shortbread on Tuesday.

If you have preordered a lunch for your child for Monday and/or Tuesday, and do not wish for them to have a jacket potato, please cancel your order on the system or contact the school office.

If your child usually orders in class and does not wish to have a jacket potato, or if your child does not like jacket potato, please send them in with a packed lunch for both days.

We will update you on Tuesday regarding the rest of next week's menu once we have heard from Caterlink.

Orchard Learning Alliance