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South Lake Primary School

Year 6 Travel

All is well in Wales, but the weather warnings for today are for high winds. We contacted the coach company first thing this morning to express our concerns and the coach set off at 9 a.m. to collect them. The driver reports that one of the Severn Bridges is already closed and traffic is very heavy. He has had to divert through Gloucester and will probably have to come back that way too. This means that the journey will take considerably longer both ways. It isn't possible to give an estimated time at the moment - the driver will know more when he arrives at the centre, but it is likely to be a late night. I wil keep in touch with Mrs Hamer and update you as to their progress. I suggest you don't come down to the school until we know they are almost home. Please let other parents know, and look at out Twitter account, you will have the information as soon as I can get it to you. The children are enjoying Manor Olympics and are oblivious to this of course!

Mrs Butler-Willis


South Lake Primary School


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