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South Lake Primary School

Pupil Premium

South Lake Primary School – Pupil Premium Funding

At South Lake, we believe that every child is entitled to succeed. We have used research information and considered the needs of our own pupils in deciding the most effective way to use the Pupil Premium grant.

Schools receive a payment (Pupil Premium Grant – PPG) for children in particular categories as follows:

  • Children who are currently eligible or have been eligible in the past 6 years for Free School Meals (FSM)
  • Looked After Children
  • Children of members of the Armed Forces

The funding is used to support the learning, development and achievement of these children.

Details of the funding allocation for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Funding Allocations April 2017 – March 2018
Total number of pupils on roll 420
Number of pupils eligible for PPG 43
Total amount of PPG funding received £68,080


Pupil Premium planned expenditure 


Project Objective Outcome
1-1   tuition in Maths/English


Development of Maths/English skills through high quality 1-1 43% of the Yr 6 pupils attained expected levels in one or more subjects as a result of targeted 1-1 provision
Provision of Homework Club for targeted pupils (£500) Maximising learning time in focussed after school groups. Supporting growth of independent skills  66% of the pupils attending homework club attained expected levels in one or more subjects.
Participation in Digismart


To motivate pupils to develop their English skills using IT software  50% of Year 6 PP children achieved above expected scores in Reading & writing
Small group/1-1 focussed support(£62,620) To provide well targeted small group/1-1 support to enhance rates of progress  80% of PP children achieved expected standard at the end of KS1 (LA – 43%)
Pilot of 1-1 previewing preteaching of learning (costed in small group work) To enable disadvantaged pupils to be well prepared for their learning through use of this strategy Successful pilots run in Years 2, 4 and 6.

Teachers reported greater engagement and increased access to learning

Residential Year 6 educational trip subsidy (£400) To ensure quality of opportunity to extend experience and build confidence  Three children supported to attend the residential trip showed improved confidence and a more proactive approach to learning
Support of PSA


To improve attendance and punctuality and support children with emotional problems Attendance levels remained consistent.

A number of children attended nurture and self-esteem programmes

EAL support


To enable development of language skills  Yr 6 EAL scaled score in maths 113.3, compared to national of 102.9
Early Risers – morning led IT booster groups for HA and LA


Maximising learning time through extended school provision 100% of pupils who attended early risers attained the expected levels in 1 or more subjects
Financial support for extra-curricular activities To ensure quality of opportunity across all pupils  All PP pupils received some financial support so they could attend all school trip and events throughout the year
Targeted CPD for all staff


To enable staff to continually develop and improve  Training received on the new curriculum and new tracking methods to enable all teachers to track PP progress.