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South Lake Primary School

Our Curriculum

At South Lake, our children enjoy a  varied curriculum based on exciting investigations and open-ended learning. We teach our children to have a growth mindset; this means that we encourage children to believe that they can improve their learning and that effort leads to growth. Our children take on challenges and learn from them!

We use Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds when we teach phonics. 

For reading, we use a large number of scheme books, including The Oxford Reading Tree and we use a colour-coding system so that we can have a range of non-scheme books available too.

For handwriting, we start to teach a cursive style when the children have learned to form their letters.

For religious education, we follow the Pan-Berkshire RE Agreed Syllabus; the RE policy is available below.

News about our topics this term! We have used our INSET training to review our curriculum to ensure it is relevant to our children and fulfils our curriculum intent. This half term (Autumn 2018) we will be updating the topic webs and plans. As soon as each one is finished, we will upload it here.

 If you would like any further information about our curriculum, come into the office and ask for paper copies of our curriculum documents.

Under Review.. new topic uploads coming shortly (September 2018)


Autumn 2017

Spring 2018


First Half

Second Half

First Half

Second Half


All about me/ Traditional Tales


Rhymes & Rhyming Stories



Exploring colour, Environmental shape,

Pattern, Traditional British Harvest

What is Autumn?




Chinese New Year

Ourselves – healthy lifestyles


Yr 1

Hello, I’m new here

Starry Night

Toys past and present

Learning about our World through Stories

Yr 2

Where do bong trees grow

Party Planners

Pride in Place

What makes us like other animals?

Yr 3

Who were the Greatest Builders?

Bright Sparks

The games that children play

Let’s go on an adventure

Yr 4

Why do we speak English at school? (Romans)

How do I see?

How do I hear?

Should we stop eating chocolate?

Yr 5

Mysterious Materials

The Highwayman

European Rivers

The Fairground

Yr 6

Has there ever been a better time to live here?



Why do some creatures no longer exist?